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The Rwenzori Region has experienced political turmoil for a long period of time. As a result, the area has lagged behind in terms of education and development. Poverty being a major result has rendered most children fail to go to school while female children have been forced into marriages at an early stage.

The region is experiencing a lot of school dropouts due to remarriage of divorced women, death of parents due to HIV and AIDS, poverty, etc.

Educate A Child International is trying to mobilise the public on how this issue can be handled. We are having children we are sponsoring in various schools around Uganda but we are constrained by our budget though numbers of vulnerable children continue rising everyday.  To this effect, we have also employed tricks to make sure we keep these children in school.

Among them are:
1. Revamping Girl-Boy Education Clubs in schools. This is aimed at keeping these children in school as well as ably identifying children who drop out of schools.

  • 2. Identifying needy children in villages and urban areas and finding means of how we can help them.
  • 3. Having Radio talk shows all aimed at exchanging ideas geared towards literacy promotion.
  • 4. Organizing seminars with teachers, parents and children about Education.
  • 5. Organizing inter-school competitions about the benefits of Education.
  • 5. We also intend to put up a public library to improve on reading skills.

In the Rwenzori Region, failing to raise books for a pupil or student makes a child drop out of school. What about fees now!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The Government of Uganda has introduced a Universal Education for all children but this has got a lot of challenges. At Educate A Child International, we believe that to transform this area, Education is the only weapon we can use. Please support our work by donating and giving in any coins so that these children and many others can get access to education. We are committed to accountability and transparency in our work. We promise never to channel your donation for other causes.  

Give generously to the poor, not grudgingly, for the LORD your God will bless you in everything you do” - DEU 15:10

God Bless You.

EACI is caring for 154 children all of whom have experienced major setbacks in their lives. All of our Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Maternal Orphans (MO), Younger Maternal Orphans (YMO) and Older Maternal Orphans (OMO) live with at least one relative however these children are living in extreme poverty and therefore need basic needs such as: clothes, shoes, food, school supplies etc. One of the positive impacts in these children lives is that they all attend schools within their areas; however they do not have uniforms, and other school supplies that are needed for a successful full term of school. We are asking for your kindness in considering these children needs. EACI works towards including every child as a member of our society and more importantly growing to be a responsible citizen who is able to contribute and participate within society.

$6 Shall go towards purchase of books for writing for one child for one year.
$12 Shall go towards purchase of story books.
$100 Shall go towards lunch for one child for one year.
$30 Shall go towards purchase of clothes for one child
$300 Shall go towards school fees for one child for one year
$30 Shall go towards purchase of toys for one child.
$18 Shall go towards purchase of 2 pairs of shoes for one child.
$20 Shall go towards periodical social events.

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