Future Projects

EACI Piggery Farm
We intend to start a our Piggery Farm that will help raise funds for our charity work.

EACI Chicken Project
Realising the importance of chickens we intend to expand our Chicken Project so that the chickens can provide proteins in form of eggs to our orphanage inmates. This we assume will ensure children remain healthy.

EACI Rabbit Project
After realising the importance rabbits we intend on rearing rabbits which will be sold to local markets to increase our incomes to support our projects. These will still work as study materials for children so that they learn about sustainable environments.

EACI Bee Keeping Project
Bees provide honey that will be consumed by our children and the balance sold at the local markets. The wax and remaining honey will be used for making candles and honey by products like creams and soap etc. All of these mentioned are aimed at raising enough resources for our community.

Orphan Children's Home and Skill Centre
Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Maternal Orphans (MO), Younger Maternal Orphans (YMO), Older Maternal Orphans (OMO) are always confronted with immense psychological and social problems. A sustained commitment to protecting and improving lives of these children is required.

In our area, the number of orphans, semi orphans and street children increases daily and the situation is becoming acute. This situation is due to death of parents affected by HIV and AIDS, re-marriage of deserted, widowed, divorced women, occasionally there is love in families, a lack of security in homes, un-wanted pregnancies, disputes in families, etc. These children are just left without any care and support. These children survive by picking and selling rags, pick pocketing, participating in criminal and anti-social activities.. Read More