Literacy Promotion in Society

The Rwenzori Region has experienced political turmoil for a very long period of time. As a result, the area has lagged behind in terms of education and development. Poverty being a major result has rendered most children and children fail to go to school while female children have been forced into marriages at an early stage.

Educate A Child International (EACI) is trying to mobilise the public on how these issue's can be handled. We sponsor children in various schools around Uganda but we are constrained by our budget though numbers of vulnerable children continue to rise everyday. To this effect, we have also employed measures to make sure we keep these children in school.

Among them are:

•             Re-vamping Girl-Boy Education Clubs in schools -This is aimed at keeping these children in school as well as being able to identify children who drop out of schools.
•             Identifying needy children in villages and urban areas by finding means of how we can help them.
•             Having Radio talk shows all aimed at exchanging ideas geared towards literacy promotion.
•             Organizing seminars with teachers, parents and children about Education.
•             Organizing inter-school competitions about the benefits of Education.

•             We also intend to put up a public library to improve on reading skills.