Orphan Children’s Home and Skill Centre

Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Maternal Orphans (MO), Younger Maternal Orphans (YMO), Older Maternal Orphans (OMO) are always confronted with immense psychological and social problems. A sustained commitment to protecting and improving lives of these children is required.

In our area, the number of orphans, semi orphans and street children increases daily and the situation is becoming acute. This situation is due to death of parents affected by HIV and AIDS, re-marriage of deserted, widowed, divorced women, occasionally there is love in families, a lack of security in homes, un-wanted pregnancies, disputes in families, etc. These children are just left without any care and support. These children survive by picking and selling rags, pick pocketing, participating in criminal and anti-social activities.

Educate A Child International (EACI) therefore seeks to construct an orphanage home and skill centre to mainstream these orphans and street children by providing care, support and protection through shelter, education and food.

This orphanage is expected to cost 276,170,000 Million UGX (Uganda Shillings):

•             150 beds capacity dormitory
•             Standard kitchen
•             Electricity supply
•             Reliable clean water
•             Vocational skills section.
•             Technological centre.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in local communities reflects and responds to present and future needs of people functioning in an intensely changing and challenging intellectual environment. Human, physical, technological and organisational aspects must be considered. ICT, when appropriately used, can serve as a vehicle and a platform for meaningful community that is geared towards a shift from ‘instructionism’ to ‘constructivism’. Extreme poverty in many communities of Uganda, encounter high costs for internet access and social constraints continue to stifle creative expression and socio-economic advancement. This ICT project access is crucial in bridging the digital divide as a key foundation of development, for rural development in particular. Creating local capacity, stimulating ingenuity and innovation and boosting human skills and performances are also critical factors in connecting rural communities to the global information and communication networks. This project aims to provide the villagers with a better understanding of technological development, related to problems and possible solutions.

We are therefore are fundraising through our partners and local sources to have this orphanage realised.