Technological Entrepreneurship and Creativity Project

1. Technological Entrepreneurship and Creativity Project

In our latest projects, we are training vulnerable youths and children below the ages of 25 years in Kasese Municipality in Technological Entrepreneurship and Creativity Skills.
The project is targeting 60 youths in the three Divisions of Kasese Municipality of Nyamwamba, Bulembya and Central Divisions under the theme “Technological Entrepreneurship and Creativity.

It is evident that the impact of Technological Entrepreneurship and Creativity has grown exponentially over the past decade. Whether it will be laptops, desktop computers, technology helps us connect with the world around us and acts as a portal to vast amounts of knowledge which can be accessed with ease.We are very much indebted to
One World Foundation
for the invaluable donation to support the vulnerable youths below the age of 25 years with Technological Entrepreneurship and Creativity Skills.

This is extremely useful in bridging digital divide and enhancing creative thinking. After the training, the youth will be able to come up with functional self help businesses that will transform their lives in the communities. The trained youths will also be organized into groups and will be able to benefit from youths funds provided by government as well as an upper hand in accessing support from microfinance institutions.


2. School Enrterprise Challenge 2017
In coordination with Teach A Man To Fish a UK based Non-Governmental Organisation, Educate A Child International (EACI) was selected to run this challenge in 15 schools in Kasese District, Uganda. The challenge seeks to instill entrepreneurship knowledge in children so that they grow having business skills, financial management skills as well as introducing them to the world outside. For more information please click here. These schools owned businesses also generate income that is converted into bursaries for needy children in the respective communities.