Vocational Training

The youth constitute's the majority of the population that is unemployed worldwide. This is a challenge in Rwenzori as much attributed to low entrepreneurship skills. At Educate A Child International (EACI) we are training organised youth groups and women in a range of activities as candle making, soap making, craft making etc.

We are yet to start training these groups in tailoring and weaving as well as computer skills. Women and girls saving groups are also formed and monitored.

All this is done in order to:
1.To facilitate the formation of 33 VSLA groups (80% women and girls groups).
2.To build the capacity of 33 VSLA groups (80% women and girls) in business skills , enterprise development  financial literacy and employability skills thus enhancing their economic opportunities.
3.To facilitate financial linkages for 792 women and girls VSLA groups (55% being new groups) to access other financial services from formal financial institutions.
4.To promote a link between banking as a sustainable model for financial inclusion.
5.Increase the number of young entrepreneurs.
6.Increase the number of people in communication systems like internet users.
7.Encouraging skillful innovations by young people.
8.Increasing the number of people who are able to use computers.

9.Farmers access to market through Technological marketing (Farmers awareness about market price in Urban areas).